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Before camp began, we weren't sure if our 4 yr old daughter would be able to handle a full day of summer camp. Not only has she loved Freds camp since day one, but we have seen so much growth in terms of her language and development. We have been so impressed with the staff. They are always friendly, approachable and accommodating. Everyone at Fred's Camp seems to have a genuine vested interest in keeping the kids safe and happy from the beginning of the day until the very end. The counselors do an amazing job of making each kid feel equally important and special in the groups. It's clear that Fred's camp promotes a sense of inclusion for every kid. The swim program and activities are amazing! This summer has been such a positive experience for my daughter and has given her more confidence & memories than we ever could have imagined! Thanks to everyone at Fred's Camp and keep up the great work!

Andrea & Abe

My son Charlie had a blast this summer so thank you to you and your staff for
taking great care of him in the process!


Thanks so much! Foster had great time this year too! He became a real swimmer and loved camp, friends, activities & counselors. Thanks to you all!


What a wonderful experience. All my kids had such a wonderful time and were
so sad to see camp end.
We will see you next year!


Thank you to you and everyone at Fred's Camp. I think Mirabelle really enjoyed
herself. I also noticed that after 8 weeks of camp, she seems to have gained a lot
more confidence in herself which had been wonderful for me to see. We hope to
be back next year.


Thx to all of your staff for everything this summer! Then you guys getting Sam a
special dinner last minute was so sweet. Your staff was always on top of
everything and can't thank you enough for the last four weeks. It's been the best
camp for my kids thx for everything!


Thank you so much for another AMAZING summer! It's hard to believe Santina
and Harrison have been coming to Fred's for the past 6 years! Even after
moving up north to the burbs, we couldn't stay away! The first thing the
children asked was, "Can we go back to Fred's!!!" As a parent, what more could
we ask for?!

When we started summer camp, the kids were 4 and 5 years old! They would
come home after a full day of hard playing and swimming and collapse with
giggles and exhaustion! We loved the fact that they were constantly smiling and
happy! That when we would pick them up after a full day, they would beg to
stay longer because, with you, they were having so much fun - laughing and
playing with the counselors and other campers.

Now that the kids are 10 and 11 years old, what really stands out to us, is
hearing how they are looking forward to one day becoming junior counselors
and eventually full-time counselors at Fred's Camp! They truly feel the love and
care of the organization and want it to be a part of their lives now and in the

Jon & Elyse