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Welcome to Fred's Camp

The #1 Day Camp for Summer Fun in the Chicago Sun Since 1994!

Fred's Camp has the key ingredients to make your child’s summer special. We encourage a warm family atmosphere at camp. We provide personalized attention to each camper’s individual needs. We recognize and respect our campers as unique individuals and provide a flexible and challenging program designed to enrich their development.



Week Six - Wednesday

It was a great day at Fred's Camp!  The sun was shining, it was a comfortable 70 degrees all day and each age group had something extra special over the course of the day!  Kindergartners spent a wacky morning in the Quad, rotating through several stations including sports, music, art and games!  Senior camp had a special treat this morning, they participated in a basketball skills clinic that was taught by the DePaul men's and women's basketball team.  The continued partnership between DePaul athletics and Fred's Camp has created opportunities for growth for the athletes, counselors and most importantly the campers!  There was even a rumor (confirmed) that New Orleans Pelicans star power-forward Anthony Davis made a guest appearance!  Only at Fred's Camp!  Who knows who will show up next!  Make sure you check out the Facebook page for pictures of all of todays events.


Week Six - Monday

Week Six got off to a great start this week.  Junior Camp was entertained this afternoon by the crzay antics of the Flying Fool, it was amazing!  Senior camp today played a flag tournament on Wish Field.  they were playing so well that they looked ready to suit up with the Bears at training camp!  Tomorrow is picture day for groups KC, KG, KH, 1GA, 1GB, 1GC, 1BB and1BC so make sure that you wear your Fred's Camp shirt to camp!  

Week Six Field Trips/Events

K groups - Wacky Wednesday at camp

1st Grade - Wheeling Aquatics Center on Wednesday

2nd Grade - Wheeling Aquatics Center on Wednesday

Senior Camp - Wheeling Aquatics Center on Tuesday

Tweens - Splash Station Aquatic Center on Thursday (extended day)



Week Five - Friday

It was fantasatic Friday at Fred's Camp to finish week five.  Senior Camp spent the morning having an epic ultimate ball tournament, think ultimate frisbee with a ball instead of a frisbee.  Senior camp also had a frisbee toss championship for the Fred's Cup.  Make sure you ask your camper about to see if their group claimed the cub!  This afternoon, Junior Camp was attacked by a pirate!  He took the gold and scattered it all over camp so the campers had to search far and wide to recover it.  It was an adventure on the high seas!  We have a lot in store next week so make sure that you take a look at the Week 6 schedule or check your email for updates.  We have pictures of todays events on Facebook so click the link to the right to check them out!




Week Five - Thursday

 It was another great day at Fred's Camp! In keeping with the sports theme this week Senior Camp and second graders were treated to a soccer skills clinic by the DePaul men's soccer team.  The head coach and several players were on hand to run through drills with the campers and officiate games on the newly surfaced Wish Field.  We gat many great photographs of the event so make sure you check out our Facebook page to see them all.  While the older kids were perfecting their dribbling and juggling Junior Camp went on their second (yes second!!!) field trip of the week to Diversey Bowl to figure out the 7-10 split.  Make sure you ask them how they did!  Don't forget that tomorrow is our weekly cookout so lunch is on us tomorrow.


Week Five - Wednesday

Another fabulous day just ended at Fred's Camp!  Junior camp splish-splashed around at the water park all day and had such a great time that they almost missed their bus home!  Senior Camp had a special treat today as they were treated to a special volleyball skills clinic by the DePaul women's volleyball team.  The campers worked on basic bumping and setting technique and participated in drills run by the team.  They also were treated to a scrimmage by the girls, they are a very talented group!  Fred's Camp would like to send a special thank you out to the DePaul volleyball team, our campers had a great time and learned many skills.  We hope to have much more collaboration with DePaul athletics in the future!  We have solved our technical issues so make sure that you check out our Facebook page for some great pictures of Senior Camp showing off their new skills!