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Welcome to Fred's Camp

The #1 Day Camp for Summer Fun in the Chicago Sun Since 1994!

Fred's Camp has the key ingredients to make your child’s summer special. We encourage a warm family atmosphere at camp. We provide personalized attention to each camper’s individual needs. We recognize and respect our campers as unique individuals and provide a flexible and challenging program designed to enrich their development.



Registration Forms are online

We are happy to say our camp forms are ready and registration will begin.  Please click here to go to the camp forms page and print out the registration packet.


Registration for Summer 2014

We are excited to announce that registration for Summer 2014 will begin on October 15, 2013 for returning campers and siblings.  Open registration will begin on November 15, 2013 for new campers.  Please check back closer to October 15 for enrollment forms.  


All's Well That Ends Well

Fred's Camp, its staff, friends, and family would like to thank ALL the CAMPERS and PARENTS for making this 20th summer at camp the most memorable of all...
The carnival became arguably the most exciting event the summer has to offer, and with the last day ticking by, the time couldn't have been better! See FULL ALBUM HERE!

Campers rode horses, Plinkoed, sledge hammered, face-painted, and like any classic comedy tale, had carnival marriages to profess their fairy tale love! Hard to say goodbye to, the last day of camp offered campers the opportunity to have their last hurrah in the brightest of colors in the spirit of our Fred's Camp shirts this summer!
Last days are always hard to leave behind, but the friendships, bonds, and spirit formed at camp marks the beginning of our campers' many future adventures!

Here's to a great summer, and we can't believe next summer is only months away :-)
See you then! And for now...

Let's GO to FRED'S CAMP!


Tickle Me Royal!

Great Scott, man!
The camp was in a frenzy today trying to piece together the reveal of who the Counselor Homecoming King and Queen were!!
The answer came in an unassuming way from Camp Director Mark! The crowns were revealed, the candidates lined up, and whichever counselor the crowns stuck on were the winners!
In a neck and neck race, Elliot and Allie won by a margin of single votes!!!
Congrats to the counselors, their contestants, and their hard work on the Reality Show Campaign trail that took camp by storm!
As you can see, the campers were in the mood to celebrate!

Can't wait for our last day tomorrow! Can't believe it's upon us!
See you then! Click HERE for the full album! 

Let's GO to Fred's Camp!!


On-Field Face-Off

We LITERALLY kicked off our final week with HUGE showdown games of KICKball, capture the flag, and football!!

We had a KICKIN' time with a rockin' concert!

Then we KICKED off our shoes for some dancing,
and KICKED back for some limbo!!

Check out the pics HERE and get ready for some intense, fun celebrations of our last days together this week!
Let's Go to Fred's Camp!!!